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Background Checks & Screenings​​

CDS requires all caregivers to be screened through multiple databases prior to being eligible to work. At Burd Home Health, we cover all of these screenings on your behalf for no cost.

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To work in the U.S., the federal government requires proof of citizenship. You have several options for this. Most people decide to use a driver's license and social security card. You can also use a Passport. We provide a secure upload portal to submit these or you can fax to us at 585-545-7470. See the download link for a full list of accepted documents. ***Note: We need the FRONT & BACK of any document you provide.

Caregiver Forms

To expedite the processing of enrolling in CDS, we use a HIPAA secure electronic signature platform called DocuSign. To complete this document, reach out to your relationship manager. ***Note: You will need an email address to complete forms online. We can also mail you the forms and walk through them with you over the phone

Download Time Keeping Mobile App

Burd Home Health uses an EVV compliant timekeeping system called Direct Care Innovations. You can download their app now and your login credentials will be sent once onboarding has been completed.

Download Payroll Mobile App​

Burd Home Health uses ADP Run as our payroll vendor. You can download their app now. Once enrolled with Burd Home Health, you can download their mobile app and click the "Sign Up" option to get started.

Online Orientation

To ensure all caregivers are aware of the CDS rules, we provide an online orientation. This consists of video and testing and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Once passed, the results will be sent to your Relationship Manager automatically.

Activation & Consumer Training

Once all of the steps are completed above, you are eligible to begin working. Please note, your employer (the consumer) also has a checklist of items that must be completed before care can start (see "Consumer Requirements" link). As stated in the orientation, you cannot start working until explicitly told by the consumer AND Burd Home Health. For training, coordinate this with your consumer.


Caregiver Checklist

Upload completed documents at the bottom of the page.

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