Are you one of the thousands of people in Onondaga County​ that is graciously caring for an elderly parent or family member with a disability unpaid?


Onondaga County

Population - 468,843
CDPAP Onondaga County

Do I Qualify?

Do caregivers need a special license? There is no training or special license needed to be a caregiver for your family member. 
How much do caregivers make? Caregivers usually start between $12.50 - $14.50 per hour.
Who cannot be a caregiver? A caregiver can be anyone other than the spouse of the consumer (patient).
How many hours can a caregiver get paid for? A nurse will come to your home to do an assessment for how many hours you'll qualify for. This can range from just a couple hours a week to 24x7 care.

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