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Adam Burdick

About Us

Burd Home Health's founders Adam and Chelsea Burdick established the company in 2017 with a goal to empower the elderly and people with disabilities to take charge of their own care. Since the company started, Burd Home Health has successfully enrolled hundreds of consumers in self-directed programs. Today, Burd Home Health has 5.0-star ratings from consumers across the county on websites like Google and Facebook as well as an A+ rating on the better business bureau.


Chelsea Burdick

Vice President

New York CDPAP

CDPAP / CDPAS is a state-wide program that allows individuals and their families to hire their own home health caregivers. The caregiver is often another family member or friend of the family. Instead of placing your loved one in a nursing home, New York State will pay you to take care of your family member in the comfort of their home or yours.

What is Self Direction?

Competitive Pay

Our virtual business model allows us to operate as efficiently as possible and pass our savings along to your caregivers through high hourly wages + overtime.

Hire Loved Ones

Rather than a home care agency controlling the selection, training, and scheduling of an aide, self direction allows you to choose a family member or friend as your caregiver.

Self-direction helps individuals living with a disability maintain their freedom and independence through home-based CDPAP & CDS services which they choose and manage themselves. Among the most popular forms of self-direction is the ability to hire a family member or friend as a personal care aide rather than having a stranger in your home or being placed into institutional care. At the core of self-direction is the belief that individuals receiving care know their needs better than anyone else and should be empowered to control any aspects of their care as they prefer.

Better Care

Nobody knows your unique needs better than you. Self direction empowers you to take control of how your care is provided to you. 

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