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State Assessments

This first step to getting started with the Missouri CDS program is to complete two in-home assessments by the state of Missouri. These assessments are known as the Pre-Screen and the Inter RAI HC Assessments. To schedule these, you will need to reach out to a Burd Home Health Relationship Manager with the following information (see link).

Caregiver Forms

To expedite the processing of enrolling in CDS, we use a HIPAA secure electronic signature platform called DocuSign. To complete this document, reach out to your relationship manager.

***Note: You will need an email address to complete forms online. We can also mail you the forms and walk through them with you over the phone.

Download Time Keeping Mobile App

Burd Home Health uses an EVV compliant timekeeping system called Direct Care Innovations. You can download their app now and your login credentials will be sent once onboarding has been completed.

Online Orientation

How do I find caregivers? How to resolve conflicts? What do employers do when...? All these questions are answered in our orientation. We also provide you with the rules for CDS. This orientation consists of video and testing and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Once passed, the results will be sent to your Relationship Manager automatically. If you have no internet access, we can provide you this test in-person as well.

Activation & Consumer Training

Once all of the steps are completed above, you have completed all requirements. Please note, your caregivers also have a checklist of items that must be completed before care can start (see "Caregiver Requirements" link). As stated in the orientation, your caregivers cannot start working until explicitly told by Burd Home Health. 

For help with training your staff, reach out to your Relationship Manager.


Consumer Checklist

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