October 25th, 2018

Company Updates

What's New with Burd Home Health

2 New Employees

Burd Home Health has added two new employees to the team. Megan Grapensteter is our new Sales Support/Office Manager and Patrick Salmon is our new Billing Analyst. We are excited to welcome them to the Burd Home Health family.

CDPAANY Conference

203 Families to Date

Several of our team members traveled to Albany this month for the CDPAANY conference.  

Burd Home Health currently is working with 203 families. From all of us here we thank you for choosing to work with us!

conference 2.jpg

Did you Know?

Did you know Burd Home Health pays for referrals? If you know someone that could benefit from CDPAP and refer them to Burd Home Health, we will pay you a $300 bonus!

If we are able to get that person approved for the program at over 15 CDPAP hours a week, you can qualify for the bonus. The bonus is paid after the second full month that your referral is in the program.

Need Help Finding a Backup Caregiver?

One of the many benefits of working with Burd Home Health is that we go above and beyond for the families we serve. If you are looking for an extra caregiver, we can help through the following:

- Setup an account for you on Care.com

- Give you access to our caregiver form to find someone if your county

- Publish adds on online on your behalf

Industry Updates

How to Encourage Seniors to Perform Self Care

How to encourage seniors or ill relatives to perform self-care: tips for caregivers

October 3, 2018 Burd Home Health

The term 'self-care' refers to treatment performed by a patient to ameliorate a perceived symptom. Such treatment is most effective when applied to less serious symptoms1. More pressing issues tend to be less amenable to self-care, and are most often presented to and addressed by professionals.

The Benefits of self care.png

Tips for Wearing Appropriate Clothing and Footwear



Tip of the Quarter

These pointers are for the caregiver only. Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear when caring for your loved ones. 

Step 1: Wear clothing that allows you to move freely and is not restricting.

Step 2: Wear Closed toed shoes that have good traction and are easy to move in.

Wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear will allow you to make sure you are able to take the best care of your family members. This will help prevent injuries to yourself and your loved one. 

Caregiver Support

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Onondaga County - Support groups for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke patients and caregivers

Monroe County - Assistance with transportation, counseling, educational opportunities and training for caregivers, adult day service.