DCI Mobile App Offline Mode

We are excited to show you DCIs new Offline Mode in the mobile application. This will allow us to keep track of care in all locations regardless of internet connection improving Consumer outcomes. It is important to note that all of the features described below are only for devices that do not have an internet connection. The application automatically checks for service, and if none is found, will place the application in offline mode.

As long as you have cellular service or are connected to WIFI nothing will change.

This functionality targets three primary use cases:


1. Caregiver clocks in without cell reception or WIFI and clocks out without cell reception or WIFI.

2. Caregiver clocks in without cell reception or WIFI but clocks out with cell reception or WIFI.


3. Caregiver clocks in with cell reception or WIFI but clocks out without cell reception or WIFI.

DCI Offline.PNG
DCI Confirm Clock Out.PNG

How do I Make a Punch in Offline Mode?

To make a real-time punch in Offline Mode:

1. Select “Clock In” on the Home screen as usual.

2. Complete Clock In information and select “Continue.” Please note that the Client Name is shortened in Offline Mode for security purposes.

3. Select “Confirm Clock In.”

4. At the end of your shift, select “Continue to Clock Out.”

5. Complete Clock Out Verification.

6. Select “Confirm Clock Out.”

Syncing Offline Punches

Your punches will be saved in the Mobile App in Offline Mode as Offline Punches.

Once your device is back online, you will be asked to sync your offline punches. This may take a few minutes.


Do not disconnect from the internet or close the app, or the data may be lost.


After the offline punches have been synced, they will appear in the Entries table.

Limits Set for Offline Mode:

There are two situations where your punches will not be saved if you exceed the limits set. These limits are set to prevent data loss. As long as you are syncing your device regularly these will not affect you.

1. Max amount of days

You will only be able to have offline punches stored on your mobile device for 3 days. On the 4th day, you will not be able to enter any more punches until you sync to DCI by connecting to the internet.


2. Max amount of punches

You will only be able to store 4 offline punches on your mobile device before you will be required to sync to DCI by connecting to the internet. 


3 days.PNG
Rejected punches.PNG

Offline Punch Processing:

Since the device is not connected to the internet it is unable to complete certain verifications that it usually does so there is a chance that the punch you enter will be rejected when it is synced with DCI.


For example, the system is not able to check whether or not the consumer pin used during the clock-in is correct until you sync your offline punches. 

1 to 1 Device Relationship:

When a caregiver is using offline mode they are only able to create punches on one device. This device is the first device that you use to create a punch in the application.


This means that multiple caregivers cannot use one device in offline mode to create a punch.


If there is a case where you start using a new device to put in your offline punches, you must reach out to your Relationship Manager first and they will be able to change your one device.