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Self-Directed Home Health Care
For Missouri Families


Are you one of the thousands of people in Humboldt County​ that is graciously caring for an elderly parent or family member with a disability?

Self-Directed PCS
Humboldt County
Population: 17,648

How do I qualify for PCS?

The person being cared for must have a Medicaid number, be in need of assistance with daily tasks and have a stable medical condition.

Do caregivers need a special license?

There is a mandated 16-hour paid virtual training course and an additional 8 hours of continuing education annually + a required CPR Certification. BURD Home Health also conducts background checks. BURD will assist you with the logistics of these trainings.

How much do caregivers make?

Caregivers can make up to $12.50 per hour.

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