Peer Mentoring by Burd Home Health

Peer Mentoring is a free service that connects Consumers of Burd Home Health with a certified Peer Mentor who has prior experience as a consumer in CDPAP. Peer mentors are trained by the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State. Once a consumer has been assigned a peer mentor, they are able to reach out to that mentor with various needs and questions they may have in regards to CDPAP. The cost of the mentor is covered 100% by Burd Home Health!

What do Peer Mentors Help With?

Understanding CDPAP

Recruitment & Hiring

Advertising & Interview Assistance

Training & Supervision Assistance

Communicating with your Staff

Knowing your Rights

Syracuse, NY

351 S Warren St, Ste 226

Syracuse, NY 13202

Fax (315) 410-5741

Rochester, NY

274 N Goodman St, Ste A403

Rochester, NY 14607

Fax (585) 545-7470

Buffalo, NY

763 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14203

Fax (716) 954-7164

Albany, NY

150 State St, 4th Floor

Albany, NY 12207

Fax (315) 545-7470

Kansas City, MO

4050 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste 115 #11

Kansas City, MO 64111

Fax (585) 545-7470

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Lake Ozark, MO

350 Sunset Road

Lake Ozark, MO 65049

Fax (585) 545-7470

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St. Louis, MO

6422 Etzel Ave #126

Saint Louis, MO 63133

Fax (585) 545-7470