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Healthcare News

What is the latest news in the world of healthcare and self-direction? Our monthly newsletter provides insights into the industry.

Physical Therapy

If you live near our HQ in Rochester, NY, you may consider using one of our outpatient physical therapy clinics for access to gravity-assisted treadmills, high-powered laser therapy, and a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Burd Home Health's Consumer Advisory Board votes on topics each quarter that they would like more information on. Our team then finds the best keynote speaker and puts on a free webinar for our consumers and caregivers.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is a free service that connects consumers of Burd Home Health with a certified Peer Mentor who is also a consumer in CDPAP. Your mentor is designed to help coach you and answer question as needed.


Have you witnessed or do you expect fraud with one of Burd Home Health's consumers or caregivers? Please submit a complaint here. These can be named or annonymous.

Electronic Visits Verification (EVV)

Learn about the EVV process and how to remain in compliance

DCI Facial Recognition

Learn how to make DCI punches using facial verification

DCI Punch Verification

Learn about how to verify punches within the DCI Mobile app and Web Portal.

Checksheets & Helpful Links

Whether it be Consumer/Caregiver checklists, HIPAA info, or general best practices, we have several resources available to you.


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