Burd Home Health client finds meaningful value in physical therapy

Burd PT - Aqua Therapy

The creation of Burd Physical Therapy

The owners of Burd Home Health have expanded their service in Rochester to now offer physical therapy. Under the same branding scheme and values of Burd Home Health, the family has launched Burd Physical Therapy on Winton Road South in Brighton, NY.

Burd Physical Therapy prides itself on providing the highest quality physical therapy in the Rochester area by combining state of the art methods and providing the one-on-one personal care every patient deserves.

Burd Home Health client experience with physical therapy

As seen in this testimonial from Burd Physical Therapy patient Florence O’Meally, the “personal touch and human connection” provided by Doctor of Physical Therapy Chelsea Burdick is one of the many reasons she looks forward to coming in for treatment. Florence is also a long-time client of Burd Home Health. See her full testimonial of her experience with Burd Physical Therapy below.

Personalized Aqua Therapy

Of the many therapies used to treat patients at Burd Physical Therapy, the most popular has been aqua therapy. Physical therapy in an aquatic environment is designed to improve motor function, aerobic endurance, balance & coordination, posture, flexibility, muscle strength and more. Because buoyancy reduces the effects of gravity, aqua therapy is easier on joints and allows for greater, pain-free movement. Also, water resistance helps make each exercise more challenging while being easier on the body.

Burd Physical Therapy accepts a wide variety of insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Many of the patients finding the most value at Burd Physical Therapy, including Florence O’Meally, are client of Burd Home Health.

To sign up for Physical Therapy, you can call your Relationship Manager or sign up on our website at https://www.burdphysicaltherapy.com/.


“Aquatic Therapy.” Aquatic Therapy | Rochester Regional Health, www.rochesterregional.org/services/neurosciences/physical-therapy-and-rehabilitation/aquatic-therapy.

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