Nursing Homes & CDPAP - Which is more expensive for Medicaid to pay for?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program comes with many advantages. When looking at the perspective of all parties involved (consumer, caregiver, NYS) it is even more convincing. As you unpack the benefits of the program, you see that it is truly a win, win, win situation.

Why does CDPAP appeal to the consumer?

- can be cared for in the comfort of your own home

- choose and manage a caregiver that you know and trust

- gain control over your own care during a time when many responsibilities are being stripped from you

Why does CDPAP appeal to the caregiver?

- many caregivers were providing care to their loved one unpaid and can now be paid

- they do not have to deal with the guilt of placing their loved one in a nursing home

- less worry about the level of care being adequate

Why does CDPAP appeal to New York State Medicaid?

- It saves the government money! According to Beth Baker, Next Avenue Contributor - "In 2016, the national median cost of a shared nursing home room was $82,125 annually. The median cost of a home health aide was $46,332 annually for 44 hours of support each week".

To read more, Beth Baker's full article is published on

CDPAP can help! Burd Home Health helps families become paid caregivers for their loved ones through New York State Medicaid. For more information, please call 585-484-1960 or visit our website at .

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