Virtual Care by Burd Home Health

At Burd Home Health, we are confident that technology is the answer to help patients receive the care they need. We are confident because we have seen the results, such as the timing of delivery being as low as the same day, 97% of consumers having the ability or willingness to use smartphones or tablets and over 100 voluntary 5-star reviews where families explain their satisfaction with Burd Home Health’s process which utilizes Telehealth technology.

Face-to-Face Meeting with your Relationship Manager

Consumers and their personal assistants have the ability to schedule a face-to-face meeting with their relationship manager. Meetings are conducted using software known as "Zoom" which can be accessed from a desktop or smartphone.


To schedule a face-to-face virtual meeting with your relationship manager, click the "Schedule" link.


Resource Webinars

Each quarter, Burd Home Health puts on a free webinar for all clients. These webinars always have a keynote presenter that discusses a topic that is determined to be helpful and informational for consumers. Topics are voted by the Burd Home Health Consumer Advisory Board. Attendees can join on their smartphone or computer and can listen by dialing in on a telephone. During the live webinar, Q&A is offered as well. After the webinar has concluded, a recording is made available for those that were not able to attend.

Resource Webinar Burd Home Health
Chelsea Burdick,DPT
Owner & Clinical Director
Burd Physical Therapy


Fall Prevention
January 2021

Chelsea Burdick is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Clinical Director at Burd Physical Therapy. According to the CDC, each year 3 million older people in the U.S. are treated in emergency departments as a result of an injury from a fall. With over 80% of Burd Home Health consumers at 65 years of age or older, this is a great opportunity for consumers and families. This session will include how to avoid fall hazards, what do to after a fall, how to prepare your body to avoid falls and Q&A with two Doctors of Physical Therapy.

How to Conduct an Interview
April 2021
David Vosburgh
Technical Recruiting Specialist
SHI International Corp.

David Vosburgh is the Technical Recruiting Specialist at SHI International Corporation who currently leads full-cycle recruiting for technical engineers. At the core of self direction is the ability for consumers to hire, fire and manage their own team of caregivers. In this webinar, David will walkthrough key questions to ask during an interview, how to gauge character in an interview as well as what an interview can and cannot teach us about employees.


Nicholas Savas
Vice President East Region
Equitable Advisors


Help Managing your Finances
June 2021

Nicholas Savas is the Vice President of the East Region at Equitable Advisors in Rochester, NY. Nicholas brings 10 years of financial advising experience. For consumers and their personal assistants, this is a great opportunity to learn more about responsibly managing finances to achieve their goals. Personal assistants that are making better decisions with their finances and satisfied with their income are more likely to continue service. This session will include how to make a budget, sticking to your savings plan, factors that affect your credit and Q&A with Nicholas.