Self-Directed CDPAP & CDS Home Health Care


What is Self-Directed Home Health?
Self-direction helps individuals living with a disability maintain their freedom and independence through home-based CDPAP & CDS services which they choose and manage themselves. Among the most popular forms of self-direction is the ability to hire a family member or friend as a personal care aide rather than having a stranger in your home or being placed into institutional care. At the core of self-direction is the belief that individuals receiving care know their needs better than anyone else and should be empowered to control any aspects of their care as they prefer.
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Competitive Pay

Our virtual business model allows us to operate as efficiently as possible and pass our savings along to your caregivers through high hourly wages + overtime.

Hire Loved Ones

Rather than a home care agency controlling the selection, training, and scheduling of an aide, self direction allows you to choose a family member or friend as your caregiver.

Better Care

Nobody knows your unique needs better than you. Self direction empowers you to take control of how your care is provided to you. 

The questionnaire provided above is intended to be a helpful representation of whether a consumer could qualify for self directed programs. There are several factors that could affect a consumer's ability to qualify for the program that are not included in this assessment. The questionnaire is not meant to be used, nor should it be used as any final indication of whether a consumer qualifies for self direction in any state. Burd Home Health is not responsible or liable for any damages or negative consequences that may result from taking this assessment. 

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Why Burd Home Health?
The number of individuals over 65 years old is getting larger and the number of personal care aides willing to work for minimum wage is getting smaller. We solve this through industry leading wages, overtime and paid time off. Your caregivers work hard. They deserve better pay!
Competitive Rates
These state programs can be tricky. It can be hard to know what step to take next or where to go with questions. For this reason, we give each family a dedicated relationship manager that stays with them the duration of their time with us from their very first inquiry call.
Dedicated Relationship Management
Weekly Pay
Weekly Pay
Your caregivers work hard and deserve every penny they get. We agree! For this reason, we guarantee payroll will always be paid in full and on time each week. Your caregivers also earn holiday pay and overtime.
We believe the use of technology can produce a more efficient and cost effective experience while providing better health outcomes. For this reason, we allow your caregivers to complete their training, orientation and documentation all virtually. In some cases, these requirements can all be completed in less than a day!
Expedited Enrollment
It is no secret, we prefer to use technology when we can. However, we realize not everyone has a smart phone or internet access. For this reason we offer telephony and key fob clock-in options for families to use as an alternative to clocking in using their smart phones.
Flexible Time Keeping
Language Support
One of the many beautiful aspects of self direction is the ability for you to hire a caregiver that speaks YOUR language. We provide free support for over 200 languages. 
Get Assessed
A nurse will a come to your home for an assessment to determine if you are eligible for self directed services.