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You To Live The Life

Learn about the mission, values, and vision that drive BURD each day! 


You Choose!


"Our Core Values Drive Everything That We Do"

Recognizing the Impact

'Recognizing The Impact' is a fundamental value, where we cherish and honor the transformative difference we make in people's lives through our dedicated care services.

Being By Your Side

This embodies our promise that no client is ever alone, as we steadfastly accompany them throughout their journey of receiving the personalized care they need.


This represents our unique operating style, where we function like a close-knit family - many of us are indeed family - ensuring that every client experiences the warmth, support, and care synonymous with a family environment.


We value a relentless commitment to continual improvement, always seeking new and effective ways to enhance the quality of care we provide.

Taking Ownership

Our team's dedication to assuming ownership of our duties and decisions, continually striving for excellence in the quality of care we provide.

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We Strive to Modernize The Delivery of Self-Directed Care

Digital Paperwork

Digital Signatures

Orientation Videos

Electronic Time Keeping

Video Calls For Any Needs

& More!

We continually innovate and adopt new systems and technologies, aiming to revolutionize self-directed home health care.

Meet the Passionate Team Behind BURD Home Health's Mission!


Learn how BURD Home Health helps to empower families through the self-directed care program, allowing friends or family to get paid to care for a loved one!

Our Mission is to Bring Peace to Individuals And Families by EMPOWERING Them to Live The Life They Choose!

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