Burd Home Health's founders Adam and Chelsea Burdick established the company in 2017 with a goal to empower the elderly and people with disabilities to take charge of their own care. Prior to Burd Home Health, Chelsea worked as a home care physical therapist in Rochester, NY. Each day she would meet with patients who were troubled that their home care aide never showed up or worse, they were on a waiting list for an aide. After countless encounters like this, the couple decided to take action on this problem. Both Adam and Chelsea quit their jobs on a mission to help their community get the care it needed. 

Adam and Chelsea had a great plan for the business but needed help carrying it out. Then came the addition of David Shuey. With a background in compliance, David brought his skills to the company and jumped on board to bring Burd Home Health to life.


Since the company started in 2017, Burd Home Health has successfully enrolled hundreds of consumers in self-directed programs. Today, Burd Home Health has 5.0-star ratings from consumers across the county on websites like Google and Facebook as well as an A+ rating on the better business bureau.

Adam Burdick Burd Home Health
Chelsea Burdick Burd Home Health
David Shuey Burd Home Health


With every good team, there is a group of overachievers behind the scenes making the engine run. At Burd Home Health our overachievers are helping the company to make a positive impact in our community. 

The first full-time hire of Burd Home Health was Mason Judd. Plucked from the world of division one college football, Mason was a perfect fit to exemplify the results of good ole fashion hard work. Today, Mason oversees a team of relationship managers who are the lifeblood of the company.

Corey Balcerzak heads Burd Home Health's operations team. What even is operations? Great question! Simply put, operations is a bit of everything. With a bachelor's in Mathematics, Corey has a mind for finding a process that takes 2 hours and making it a process that takes 15 minutes. In today's day in age, automation is the name of the game and Corey is our "automation whizz".

The last of our overachievers is Sean Mulvey who spends his days within the ongoing quest of business development. As part of our goal to empower consumers to take charge of their care, comes a responsibility to provide families with the resources they need. Sean is our guy who is out there shaking hands and kissing babies in order to find every resource available for our consumers.

Mason Judd Burd Home Health
Corey Balcerzak Burd Home Health
Sean Mulvey Burd Home Health


The quarterback is the leader of the team who you lean on when things get tough. At Burd Home Health, the families we serve lean on our team of relationship managers each and every day. Whether it is assisting consumers in hiring a caregiver or just looking for someone to hear out their issues, Burd Home Health’s relationship managers are there for any needs their consumers have.

From the first inquiry call into Burd Home Health through the consumer’s entire duration on the program, consumers are given one relationship managers who they get to know and begin to build a bond with. When looking at the things our consumers say about Burd Home Health, you will find the stories and names of the relationship managers throughout!

Sean Costello Burd Home Health
Rodney Burdick Burd Home Health
Megan Page Burd Home Health
Richard Haag Burd Home Health
Nicole Burdick Burd Home Health
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Ahh, the specialists. Serving hundreds of consumers across the U.S. cannot be done without a team of specialists. Burd Home Health's specialists come prepared with a host of experience and skills that are vital to the company's mission.

Daniella is a Registered Nurse and brings almost a decade of experience serving individuals with disabilities. Patrick has a dual degree in Mathematics and Statistics. In short, he loves numbers. Every business needs someone to break down the data and our guy is Patrick. William was plucked from Rochester's finest, St. John Fisher College, and brings a dedication and work ethic which benefits our company and the consumers we serve.

Whether it is compliance, translation services, or technical support, the specialist at Burd Home Health have it covered!

Daniela Shuey Burd Home Health
Patrick Salmon Burd Home Health
William Blake Burd Home Health
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