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What is Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition is a new and exciting feature that is coming to DCI. With some changes coming in 2021 with EVV regulations from the federal government, DCI is adding this feature to ensure caregivers and consumers are able to abide by these new changes.


Goals of Facial Recognition:

  • Ease of Clocking in/Clocking Out

  • Ensuring Punches are EVV Compliant

  • Reduce the amount of administrative burden

  • Prevent fraud and abuse to protect the self directed programs


Acceptable Facial Recognition Photo


Not Acceptable Facial Recognition Photo


Use these photos as a guide when taking your own photo for DCI. After you have taken your photo please fill out the form below to upload your photo. Your relationship manager will review your photo and reach out to you if there are any issues.

Benefit Card Example

Medicaid ID Example

Driver's License Example

Photo Identification Card

In addition to facial recognition photos, Burd Home Health is also asking consumers to upload a photo ID in order to help facilitate these new features and be compliant under EVV rules and regulations. Below are examples of acceptable photo ID's.

Please upload a picture/or scan of your photo ID using the form at the bottom of the page.


Ensure You Have A Photo On File

In order to use facial recognition, the consumer must have a photo uploaded into DCI. Trying to use facial recognition when the consumer does not have a photo uploaded will result in a denied punch. See the bottom of this page to upload.


Clocking In

When clocking in and out you will see a new "Picture" option.


Follow Best Practices

Make sure you take a clear headshot photo of the consumer. See the examples above.

How do Caregivers Use

Facial Recognition

Why Bother Using This New Feature?

Facial recognition is considered the most secure method for clocking in and out within self-directed programs. According to the U.S. Office of Inspector General, over 1,000 people each year are removed from Medicaid due to fraudulent claims. Sometimes, criminal convictions can be tied to these fraudulent claims. 

Protect yourself against wrongful fraud claims by proving you are following the rules. The best way to confirm care is taking place is through clocking in and out with facial recognition.

Consumer Photo Upload

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