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New Punch Verification Workflow

This new workflow is going to require all caregivers to verify any punches that are created or edited by your Relationship Manager for any reason. These could include but are not limited to:




If you clock in and out without any issue on the mobile app or through telephony there will be nothing extra you will have to do!

This is going to ensure that the entries that are edited by your Relationship Manager are correct and get paid out properly.

Here are a few examples of instances where you will need to verify a punch

  1. You get super busy caring for your consumer and forget to clock out when you leave. You realize this on the way home and immediately call your Relationship Manager. Your Relationship Manager takes your call and creates a new punch for you for the hours you worked. Since your Relationship Manager added this punch, a notification will be sent to the mobile application or web portal alerting you to verify the punch.

  2. You get to the consumer's house and realize that you left your cellphone at home and that is how you usually clock in and out. You track your time while you are there and then once you get home after your shift you give your Relationship Manager a call and let them know of your shift times. They enter the punch for you. Since your Relationship Manager added the punch, you receive a notification in the mobile app or on the web portal that a punch needs to be verified.

How do I verify a punch?

Punch Verification can happen in two ways. Using the DCI Mobile EVV application on a smart device or by logging in to the web portal on a computer or laptop. Below are resources we have put together for you to better learn this process.

Join a Live Webinar

Join us for a live webinar where we will cover the process of punch verification and answer any questions live!

Click Here To See Webinars

Verify On Mobile App

Learn how to verify a punch on the DCI mobile app.


Click Here to Watch Video

Verify on the Web Portal

Learn how to verify a punch on the web portal.

Click Here to Watch Video.

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